Monday, October 17, 2011

Obama killing Christians? - What next?

Each morning it has become my habit to scan the news on the Internet. I usually do this before dawn with a large cup of coffee. I try to get an overview of what is going on in the world by looking at several sources of information and this morning that included the RedState blog which is posted by Erick Erickson. RedState is just what it sounds like. It is a right wing Republican oriented blog.

 As you may have noticed in the news recently, President Obama has ordered about 100 special forces troops into Uganda, a landlocked country in Africa, to track down the leaders of an organization known as the Lord's Resistance Army, or the LRA. The US goal is to take the leaders of this group out of control.

Murderous Lord's Resistance Army
leader, Joseph Kony
Washington Post Photo
The LRA is a murderous lot, led by a criminal that has been indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court. The leader's name is Joseph Kony. Kony has ruled by terror, rape, mutilation and murder. He has recruited child soldiers that are sometimes murdered when they do not comply. The girls are sometimes used as sex slaves. According to Erickson and the Washington post, The LRA gets their message straight from God and their goal is to take over Uganda and set up a theocratic regime with Kony as their prophet.

Anyway, it seems Erickson at RedState has been flooded by emails from concerned Redstate readers that Obama is sending troops into Africa to kill Christians who are fighting radical Islamists. Oh my, shades of Donald (just because you are rich, that does not make you smart) Trump, how some do jump to conclusions. US forces are there to assist local authorities and to take out Kony and his henchmen who have been terrorizing Uganda for more than 20 years.

To Erickson's credit, he advised these misguided people that killing Christians is not the case, in fact the Bush administration also hunted members of the LRA. I suspect these are some of the same people who thought Obama is not an American. It is unfortunate that others did not step forward to straighten these people out at that time also, maybe some of this misdirected anger and energy could have been put to use on more productive, and might I say, progressive, not regressive, issues.
Erickson could have let this pass and fester and many would have been focused on nonsensical information as they were when Sarah Palin told her whopper of a lie that there would be "death panels" created to determine who would live and who would die if a universal health plan was adopted. This was a major distraction, enhanced even by at least one United States Senator, Charles Grassley from Iowa, who stated there was reason to worry. Grassley would have better served his constituents with the truth by stating that issue was a canard (an unfounded rumor), rather then allowing the wrongfully skeptical to remain that way. It seems Grassley (and others) was more interested in wrongful information being in circulation if the confusion could buy him just one wrongful vote.

Rush (just because you are rich, that does not mean you are honest) Limbaugh, it appears, is the source of this recent foul information about Obama sending troops to Uganda to kill Christians. It is not the first time his listeners have heard misleading rhetoric. He has a knack for dropping innuendo with the apparent goal of disrupting the truth with lies and distortions, specious information. I consider any person who wants our president to fail is a traitor of the first degree and Limbaugh has stated publicly that is his wish. Limbaugh is an Ugly American who is full of hate. One who for the incredible sums of money he makes, $58 million dollars last year, is grossly overpaid to be negative. It matters not to him if the truth is not involved, but it matters greatly that others are mislead by his quest to demonize everything & anyone who does not agree with his selfish agenda.

If we the American people choose to replace our current president in the fall of 2012, let's do it with the correct information, not because of distortions of the truth or outright lies, and let's hope that if Donald Trump gets news of all these goings on in Uganda, he gets it from the correct source, not the kids on the corner.


  1. I love learning something new - and feel stupid for being unaware of the Uganda situation. We (as in the US) used to be 1st at everything, and so we thought we should save the world and protect the weak. Now we are 2nd, 3rd, sometimes 4th - maybe we don't have the edge to do that anymore. But with media at our fingertips, 24/7, whether hosting a nationally syndicated talk show, or pre-dawn from the safety of our living rooms, aren't we all still trying/hoping to save the world and expose those who we believe bully the weak?

  2. Greg,
    Yeah, we are still the guys in the white hats. I guess we are trying to save the world, but it seems more like a holding action as despots reproduce like wild pigs. Pass the ammunition.

  3. I was aware of the murdering of gays in Uganda, yet mostly unaware of the LRA specifically. Thank you for giving me a better picture of the state of Uganda. Good job, Mr. Campbell.

    For more about the murdering of gays, explore this address to a NY Times' article.