Sunday, May 13, 2012

Conspiracy or Fact?

There are conspiracy theories and then there are conspiracy theories. They abound, particularly with the advent of the internet.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. Was it accidental? Was it suicide? Was it murder? After all, Marilyn was allegedly having undercover rendezvous with JFK and maybe RFK. All this arranged by Frank Sinatra and Frank did have ties to the mafia, no theory there. So did the mafia rub out Marilyn as she was getting too hot for comfort with her rendition of "happy birthday Mr. President" at his birthday gala?

Next year is the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. Was it the work of a single warped mind? Simply a coincidence that Oswald was in the right place at the wrong time for Kennedy or was it something more, concocted and constructed during one of Oswald's trips to Cuba or Russia? After all, Oswald was married to a Russian, wasn't he?

And more recently, the twin towers. Were they actually a set up deal by the C.I.A. to create a cause to attack Iraq? Didn't both Bush and Cheney, being oil men, have a plan to take over the Iraqi oil production? After all, they hated Hussein and Hussein hated them and they did say Iraqi oil would pay for the cost of the war, didn't they? They did say there could be "mushroom clouds" over the U.S. if we didn't do a preemptive strike, remember?They didn't attack Cuba who has no oil, did they?

And then there are the Chemtrails that most folks mistake for contrails. You know, the cloud like streaks that follow airplanes at high altitudes. Are they really contrails or are they chemicals being sprayed by the government in conspiracy with Rothschild empire as a genocidal pogrom against the middle class?

Had enough? All right then try this one on for a fact. Let's see if you are jussmartenuf to get it. There is a conspiracy by many of the billionaires of the United States to gain control of the government for their personal benefit. There always has been and there is today. In your gut you know that. Heck, this is old news. Even back in the 30's as FDR was trying to put in safeguards for the middle (and poorer) classes such as the Glass-Steagall Act and the Social Security Act, the Republicans led by Senator/financial powers such as Prescott Bush were trying to prevent them. You remember Prescott, he begat Bush #41 who begat Bush #43 all part of the American elite aristocracy that still battles rights for the individual. In 1999 they repealed the Glass-Steagall act and the world wide financial melt down and eleven trillions of dollars of middle class investments lost overnight was the result.

Now the Republican mantra is Social Security is bankrupt and it is not.

Let's just take two billionaires to illustrate our conspiracy point. The Koch brothers of Kansas are two of  the richest people in the world. They are estimated to have fortunes in excess of 30 billion dollars each. Their fortunes combined would make them the richest person in the world. They started out rich, as their Daddy made a fortune with Joe Stalin in Russia in the oil and gas business before WWII. Every year the Koch Brothers hold closed meetings at exclusive resorts where they invite a small number of very powerful guests. Guests that include governors of states, like Rick Perry of Texas; Supreme court justices, like Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas (both of whom voted to allow corporations, like Koch Industries  to make unlimited secret donations to the political interests they choose); the head of the United States Chamber of Commerce (which really is simply a lobbying organization for Industrial giants); and varied other billionaire controllers of industry. Their goal is to influence the laws of our country to their personal benefit. The ALEC templates of state and federal laws they want enacted originate from these meetings.

In order to get what they wish for they need to destroy many, if not all, of the benefits of the middle class such as social security and medicare.
Photos from Rolling Stone

I know, you think this sounds nuts, but it is not. Hear me out. Let's just take Social Security and Medicare for example. Why would these billionaires want to destroy them? To increase the bottom line profit of their companies and make themselves richer is why. Hasn't every billionaire simply wanted to make more money? Romney is not even a billionaire, just a third rate 250 million dollar man who makes over $20,000,000 per year and pays less taxes then you do (and no social security or medicare payroll taxes). His fortune will continue to grow as you cannot even spend that much money unless you are running for political office and are willing to fund your own way. Romney is funded and supported by, among others, the Koch brothers through their vast network of so called "think tanks" and political action committees (PAC's) with patriotic sounding names such as "Americans for Prosperity" and "Freedom Works" into which they have poured tens of millions of dollars to influence your vote and destroy collective bargaining rights for the American worker while demonizing the worker as the problem in this process.

On any company income statement, which lists both income and expenses, the largest expense of almost any company is payroll. The amount paid their labor forces is in the trillions of dollars annually for corporate hires in the U.S. The social security and medicare taxes corporations must pay for these workers is 7.45% of payroll. That is $74,500,000,000 for each trillion in payroll that drops immediately to the bottom line to be cut up and added to the assets of the industrial leaders. When you multiply that times the several trillion dollars in payroll for the middle class it begins to add up. This means more $50 million bonuses for their execs, more summer and winter palaces, more and larger yachts and jet aircraft, helicopters to get the kids to school. Sure there is a pittance for the small investor, but it is all paid for by the middle class citizen, their buying power is reduced, their quality of life is reduced by that same amount. Many of these companies do not pay dividends and the Koch companies are privately held, not even on the stock exchanges, so you could not participate in their profits if you wanted to.

You would think the Industrial giants would understand that if they supported more wealth for the middle class it comes back to them in spades through purchase of their products, whether raw materials or finished products. Henry Ford figured that out, but these people don't. The key word is avarice which is greed for extreme wealth and the power it brings.

The Kochs along with other billionaires like Sheldon Adelson who funded a Republican candidate, who wanted to spend taxpayer money to establish a colony on the moon while reducing food aid to the poor,  with $20 million bucks. There are many many more billionaires like these, we can get to them at another time, but you know the type, the ones who smear through innuendo and distortions like Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.

(Pictures of Koch Industries home offices in Wichita Kansas and a port terminal of Koch Industries.)

These billionaire industry leaders own the Republican Party (and a large chunk of the Democrats too), or at least a large portion of it and the financial industry owns the rest. (You do know that the financial industry in the US is twice as big as the manufacturing industry, don't you?) Many in the financial sector just want to privatize social security, not destroy it, which is Wall Street code for run it through their system so they can skim a few hundred million of it every year as a handling cost. The Republican party even makes a big deal about how they are more business friendly and the Democrats are not. You have heard these pitches yourself.

In November you will have an opportunity to vote for middle class American workers or for the Billionaires of industry who in the search of more riches have sent our jobs overseas. Industry, not government, is the culprit in American manufacturing job loss, but industry would have you think otherwise.

If you can't see and understand this you don't know jack.

Stay tuned. I'll be back.


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