Friday, July 28, 2017

Bigots, Bigots and More Bigots, all in the name of God

I had no idea there was an ambassadorship called Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom. But there is.
Most of us have heard of Sam Brownback, mainly because he has been such a disaster.
As the governor of Kansas, he has damn near destroyed the Kansas economy with the irresponsible fiscal policy he has incorporated there.

Being a natural born Jayhawk myself, i find his deplorable policies embarrassing, and i moved from Kansas in 1948. His policies caused the closing of the Mercy Hospital in my home town of Independence a couple years ago as their funding fell off to the point they could not survive under Brownbacks obstructionist ultra right wing idiocy. Now this fine pioneer town of 13,000 has no local hospital due to Brownback's incompetence.

Brownback's fiscal policies have proven once more that by cutting taxes, which are a form of revenue, actually results in decreased revenue, and does not stimulate the economy to produce excess of what was cut. Go figger.

Now he has been appointed to the position of Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom. And i truly despise the idea of this stupid, stupid man being paid to travel about who knows where spreading his hateful homophobic filth at taxpayer expense.

Just another waste of dollars, all on the same day Trump struck against the LGBT community by saying transgender people would not be allowed to serve their country.

Most informed people understand that Gay and Lesbian people are born that way. It is not a choice. It is time that bigots like Brownback and the bigoted ideology of those that have appointed him be drummed out of our political structure. They are blights on the character of our country.

I don't mind if people want to peddle their religious beliefs amongst themselves, but I'll be damned if i want any of my tax dollars used for bigots like Brownback to spread their prejudices about under a banner with stars on a blue field and red and white stripes that represent the country I was born in and live in.

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