Thursday, June 28, 2012


i read the news today, oh boy!

It is really hard to make something important interesting, then all of a sudden something happens to change that.

Justice Clarence Thomas
The supremes really surprised me. i take that back. Only one of them. Chief Justice John Roberts proving he was jussmartenuf by siding with the four other sensible justices was a surprise. Roberts was an appointee of George W. Bush and i expected him to vote against this mostly Democratic legislation.

Justice Anthony Kennedy was a bit of a toss up, but he went hard right, after all he was appointed by Reagan and thinks corporations are human beings.

Justice Antonin Scalia was not in doubt, he voted to make George W. Bush president by cutting off the recount of voting in Florida in 2000 while Gore was ahead overall in the 50 states by more then half a million votes. He is a registered Republican who accepted an offer from the shrill Michele Bachman to speak to Tea Party new comers in congress and was a duck hunting buddy of Dick Cheney. No surprises there.

We all knew well in advance what Clarence Thomas was going to do, he was going to vote exactly as his wife "Ginnie" instructed him to do if he knew what was good for him and if he wanted dinner on the table, etcetera. After Clarence found out his moves were not cool enough for Anita Hill and wound up with "Ginnie" the die was cast.

You remember Ginnie, she is the jerk who had the audacity to call Anita Hill and ask her to apologize for not liking her hubbies vulgar advances. Click on the above links in case your memory need refreshing. Virginia Thomas is a product of the uber right wing nut faction of the Republican party. Her curriculum vitae includes stints as a consultant for former house leader and radical Tea Party spokesman Dick Armey. You remember Dick, he is the one who called  Gay congressman Barney Frank "Barney Fag" and then said it was just a mispronunciation. Barney said that was funny, no one ever referred to his mother as (Mrs.) Elsie Fag.

After her stint with the vulgar homophobe Armey, she moved on to the conservative "think tank" (bit of an oxymoron there) Heritage Foundation. You remember them, they are the ones who originally recommended the individual mandate that Romney used when he created "Romneycare" for the folks in Mass before he was against it for the rest of us. Then she became the head of the conservative lobbying group she dreamed up called Liberty Central. All of this and still Thomas would not recuse himself from the decision rendered today from the Supreme Court. This creep made it onto the supreme court by a vote of 48 against and 52 for. Some of the "fors" were misogynistic Democrats who preferred to believe the lies written about Anita Hill by David Brock, who was a conservative lackey who has since admitted he lied to support a right wing Murdoch conspiracy to ruin Hill and picture her as less than a lady. In atonement Brock has created the web site Media Matters, a site that exposes political lies and distortions.

But enough of hypocrisy and political double dealing.

Minutes after the decision was made public Mitt Romney made a 4 minute and 11 second address in which he used the term "Obamacare" 18 times. Now wouldn't you think anyone running for the Presidency would be smart enough to know that was not the name of the case involved? It is the Affordable Care Act, people. Affordable Care, key words that Romney hates because they have a nice ring to them. Romney also made a couple of very untrue statements, kinda like he was a Sarah Palin or Glen Beck.

Romney used the phrase "Obamacare" 18 times because much of his base stupidly hates our president and he wants to feed that hatred as he hopes it will help him get elected. If you don't know that you don't know jack.

Bottom line is this: the Roberts court today passed down a decision that is a God send for all Americans whether they realize it yet or not. Hopefully this is a stake in the heart of the heartless who wish to deny their fellow citizens healthcare, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The opponents of this bill will continue to waste precious time beating their gums about a done deal. Their main avenue of attack will be to say it raises taxes on the middle class and small business. It involves only businesses with over 50 employees who should already be covering their employees and gives those companies tax breaks for it. Also it involves individual responsibility which is usually a Republican talking point. Besides anyone who has insurance is not affected nor are those who cannot afford it.

Next we need to see that there is a medical community to support the care of all the newly insured. And regarding immigration, did you know there are almost 50,000 Indian doctors practicing in the U.S. now? But that is another story.

In the mean while we are on the right track, not perfect like single payer, but on the right track, and i will be back, trust me.

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