Thursday, August 13, 2015

America: Who Runs This Country?

Plagiarism abounds. All you have to do is take a hiatus for a while and someone tries to steal your thunder. I googled up my name and found someone else who picked it up, more than likely because it is unique, clever and says sooooo much. I guess it is not illegal for someone to name their child after me.

Anyway, I am still here and will ignore the plagiarist as i have no time for copy cats while the real deal is available.

The new political season is upon us, early as it is, the airwaves abound with Trump-isms and i am not about to down the man as he is a refreshing change in the hum-drum from the usual suspects. Just yesterday i saw where it is 168 or 186 days away from the first primary in Iowa, where this time last election cycle Michele Bachman and Rick Santorum were leading the polls, giving us a good indication of what the Iowa Republican Caucus represents in the way of reality.

But i want to talk about more serious stuff. I watched the first FOX debates along with 24 million other people, and yes The Donald did enhance my attention.

Trump with his Mensa Muse Rudi Giuliani
At this time he leads the polls followed closely by Doc Carson. Where are the true hawks? Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina bloviator,  has dwindled to last place and now has zero percent of the polls. How can that be? Maybe because he did not whine loud enough when they took down the Confederate Battle Flag after the slaughter of 9 South Carolina peaceful citizens? Rick Perry's donors have all rode off into the sunset and Gilmore (who?) has dropped off the chart.

But enough of the small talk. One thing that was common in the debates was that there was no talk of the main issues facing America's Middle and down classes. Of course they all wanted to help the common man by doing away with the Affordable Health Care act, watering down or even killing social security for our children and grandchildren, importing more foreign specialists rather than educating our own while sending anchor babies back to where their ancestors came from, increasing spending in order to send our young men and women to war with Iran all the while defunding government and ignoring our infrastructure, but beyond that they miss the point entirely. Correction; "miss the point entirely" should read "ignore the point intentionally".

The Donald told everyone how money buys favors in politics and anyone who does not understand that does not know jack. Billions can buy favors unlimited and this bunch of candidates is on the take big big time.

While Republicans, invoking the name of Reagan (not quite as much as the name of God yet more than Jesus), always say Washington is the problem and then trick voters into sending representatives to Washington who make sure it does not work properly, which makes it a self fulfilling prophecy.
To find the real problem is real easy: Follow The Money.

Multiple choice questions:

1. Who sends our jobs overseas? A. Government B. Corporations C. Disney cruise lines?

2. Who hides Trillions in overseas tax havens ?
A. Corporations B. Government C. Mitt Romney D. A great many of American "Industrialists"?

3. Who tries to buy elections in this country?
A. Sheldon Adelson B. Charles & David Koch C. Rupert Murdoch D. All the fore mentioned E. a burger flipper?

$30.3 Billion Oligarch Sheldon Adelson
3. Does money A. trickle down from Apple to its consumers or B.  trickle up to apple from its consumers? C. same question about Exxon, GE, J.P. Morgan, Citibank and more.

4. Who pays a higher percentage in taxes (Income + Payroll)? A. An independent house painter B. The National Football League C. a  Wall Street Billionaire?

5. Is Climate change A. a conspiracy of atheist scientists  B. an inconvenience to the hydrocarbon producers like the Koch brothers that Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma gets his money from? C. a signal to buy heavier wool clothing? D. A signal to buy lighter cotton clothing?

How you doing so far? Get my drift? This total bunch of losers hoping to run our economy do not even know what the problems are, so it is impossible for them to fix them. Failed policies repeated do not a winner make.

Does this give you a clue as to why Bernie Sanders is drawing standing room only crowds everywhere he speaks?

You don't have to be real smart to answer the above, you have to be jussmartenuf,  like me.

I told you i would be back and i am. Watch for my next epistle,  so you can say "you know jack".

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