Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm Baaaaack And I Have Stuff to Tell You

Sorry to be so long but a lot has gone on and there is a lot to catch up on.

Since we usually carry on in a political bent sort of way and most of us are quite full of hearing about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, i did not want to be redundant.

As usual the best Republican candidate (Kasich) no longer has a mathematical chance of garnering enough delegates before the convention in Cleveland so let's just skip on to the Dems.

But i need to talk about Bernie and Hillary as one of them is going to be our next president and we need to make an informed decision as who to pick.

There is no doubt both are the best qualified of the 4. Trump has very few qualifications outside of being over 35 and a natural born U.S. citizen (glad to get the citizen thing out of the way first thing).
As far as Cruz goes, he can get only radical right wing Republicans to vote for him, those who would not vote for Jesus if he came down from the cross and declared himself a Democrat, which of course would be his party of choice.

Everyone know why they hate Cruz immediately? Because it saves time.

Over most of the last three decades we have had a belly full of conspiracy theories about Hillary. That she was a criminal in the Whitewater investigation, yet she was exonerated. It was insinuated that she was responsible for the death of one of Bill's staff that committed suicide. That was totally debunked. Then the issue about Benghazi which has been cleared by a Republican committee itself, even though the balance of the Republicans choose to ignore the findings. And now the e-mail issue which has been under the microscope by the F.B.I. for some time and no decision yet.

But why bother, the shrill voices of the right have no kind word for a single soul that does not subscribe to their desire to kill social programs for the population.

Then we have Bernie. Steadfast, resolute.

Do you hear anyone else telling you "the system is rigged"? That is the truth. Wall street and the
You heard about the Carrier Air Conditioning factory that is closing and moving 1,400 jobs to Mexico didn't you? Be aware that is because Wall Street has profit numbers they have assigned to Carrier and they don't give a hoot that our jobs are moving out of country, they are promoting it, for profit.

So when you hear of how Wall Street invests in America, don't you believe it, it is exactly what they want you to think and Bernie is the only one telling you who the real villains are.

Get out and promote his cause, because it is your cause.

If you don't know that, you don't know Jack. And Jack is back.

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